Analysis and Final Balance

Metalform employs an operating system to provide a structured and detailed analysis and final balance. An easy and intuitive intefrace allows the fulfillment of all useful analysis. The possibility to manage a huge number of filter combinations allows an easy comparison between working time and estimated time, costs and prices. It is possible to have the immediate control of every productive phase's efficiency.

Metalform can check 8 different kinds of analysis:
- Time analysis
- Storehouse analysis
- Esteem analysis
- Production order analysis
- Sales Volume/Costs analysis
- Manufacturing analysis
- Order time analysis
- Working load analysis
- Analysis and final balance

Automatic calculation of the final balance for multiple orders manufactuting
Thanks to CAM integration, Metalform allows the computing of manufacturing costs for each order and customer:
- made by the machinery operator using a barcode reader
- or automatically using an electronic interface of numerical control

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