Estimates / Orders

Metalform, estimates and orders always available and correct

Estimate form can easily provide an esteem for production costs. According to customer's requests and to orders' archive, Metalform allows the enhancement of all productive phases, to display productive costs and profit margins, being able to check and also inspect the estimate.
CAM integration allows the use of all esteemed and calculated productive time for an immediate estimation, precised and detailed.
Metalform, starting from the achieved estimate creates a complete offer, ready to be sent to the final customer.

From the estimate to the customer's order.
Order confirmation is activated from the estimate's reception and there's also the possibility to take into consideration warehousing.

All data belonging to order portfolio, on real time:
- Received orders
- Cancelled orders
- Fulfilled orders

Starting from acquired orders, checking warehousing it is possible to get all necessary information to optimally plan the production.
Metalform keeps a storage of production data, to develop estimates and/ or final balances considering funded experiences.

Suppliers bill book management and contract work materials.
Suppliers bill book helps the final user to check purchasing orders. Metalform guarantees an easy display of incoming purchasing orders, considering an established period, moreover it guarantess the display of a possible delay in the delivery, both for consumption goods and for contract work production.

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