Production Management

Monitoring production process
From the bill of materials it is possible to create automatically the list of manufacturing processes related to the ongoing order. It becomes the reference point for the manufacturing operator because it includes all necessary information:

- client identification
- order identification
- part and production component
- manufacturing phase

All counts made in the workshop using barcode readers allow the real time monitoring of the production, with the immediate and automatic return of the information, an immediate consultation of the "working progress state" and the related complete or partial final balance of the order.
All data are updated and available in real time.

Continuous Monitoring
Metalform can supervise the productive situation using a quick consultation of the manufacturing working progress.

Unique list of manufacturing processes.
Metalform outputs a complete and definite manufacturing processes list for all operators, also for those who are not skilled. All operators get logical and operational instructions with an intuitive, precise and unmistakable method.
Error possibility is strongly reduced, to achieve a more efficient production.
Manufacturing list becomes the reference point for all operators working in the productive division. 
Metalform can store all data concerning materials' production and origin to answer quality and traceability need.
Metalform's monitoring process allows to know in real time the exactly evolution of each order, both inside or outside semi-finished materials.

CAM manufacturing process time count
Thanks to Metalform's integration, CAM production is characterised by modules provided with barcodes that allows the supervision of production's trend, with automatic time and raw material quantity distribution in relation to orders.
Metalform, thanks to CAM database reading allows:

- time distribution of the different orders belonging to the same nesting
- automatic returns of wrong manufactured components
- the total amount of employed material related to weight, material, and thickness properties
- management of storehouse excess metal sheets

Machinery scheduling
The direct integration among CAM systems allows Metalform to display the detail to be cut.
The operator who works at the cutting process, has a resumed dashboard directly to CAM "order management", where are listed:
- order identification
- belonging details
- icon code
- ordered, manufactured and nested quantity
- delivery details

Automatic management for the remake of faulty components

If at the end of a productive cycle, considering every phase (cutting, assembling, welding, etc.) a component (single or complex) is faulty, the operator has just to select the appropriate count with the barcode to communicate the whole productive system the need to introduce again in the cycle, with maximum priority character, the same component, to complete the ongoing order.

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