Storehouse Management

Thanks to the integrated system, Metalform automatically provides the exactly supply for the production. There's any waste, neither waste of time. 
Metalform allows an automatic management of the storehouse to get an updated situation, always in real time, of available and/or required raw material quantity.
Working with CAM tools it is possible to have an optimised metal sheet management:
- commercial sizes
- excess material resulting from manufacturing process
- partial cutting with every kind of geometrical shape

Thanks to the new system:
- the operator knows automatically the evolution phase of the storehouse to follow correct nesting programmes on every kind of metal sheet
- accounting office keeps value on storehouse content in every moment

Metalform combines all strategical information, such as physical properties, suppliers, metal sheet casting, and eventually the state of the material.
All information are included.

Metalform calculates the amount of items of the storehouse considering their presence in one or more than one production, considering the variables for the final calculation of the stock item (production, ordered, etc…).

Maximum optimization, any waste, for an always efficient storehouse.
Metalform allows the management of the manual handling to check and correct the stock or the need for month or periodic inventory.

Every kind of need is fulfilled, even the compelling one.

Storehouse steel sheet movement depends on:
- purchase order management
- barcode material movement

Thanks to Metalform.

Deadline planning
Metalform allows the activity organization considering deadlines and company's production capacity.

No loss of data.
Metalform allows a quick process of sensitive data import using third part management information systems.

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